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7am-9am – Dr Pop’s Morning Glory 

9am-12noon – Trev on Tribe

12noon-2pm – Let’s do Lunch with Milton

2pm-3pm – Waldorf Salaf
3pm-5pm – Reilld Up with Anne

5pm-6pm – Music Mayhem
6pm-7.30pm – Siren to Siren Sports Show
7.30pm-9.30pm – Karma Coma with Alayna 
9.30pm-11pm – The Lost & Found with Richard
11pm-12midnight – Chill the F#iday Out



12midnight – 2am – Chill the F#iday Out

2am – 5am – Music from the Vault
5am-6am  – 
Music Mayhemreplay
6am-7.30am – Siren to Siren Sports Show
7.30am-8am – Music from the Vault 

8am-10am – Music from the Vault 

10am-12noon – Saturday Brunch with Jen 

12noon-1.30pm – Saturday Afternoon with Charlie

1.30pm-5pm – SFL Match of the Day- Noarlunga vs Cove

5pm-6pm – The Kaos Show with Tony, Vicki & Julie

6pm-8pm –Vapour Trail with Greg

8pm-10pm – Funk Fusion presents Glitterball with Peter & Darren
10pm-12midnight – Raised on Rock with Mark O’Neill



12midnight – 3am- Music from the Vault
3am-4am –  The Kaos Show with Tony, Vicki & Julie
– replay

3am-7am – Music from the Vault

7am-9am – Dr. Pop’s Musical Interlude

9am-10am – Music with Mitch 

10am-1.00pm – Music from the Vault

1.00pm-4pm – Inky & Pinky 
4pm-6pm – The Indigo Show with Vivian
6pm-8pm – The Oz Effect with Wisey

8pm-10pm – Raw Radio with Corey



12midnight-1am – Vapour Trail with Greg– replay
1am-2am The Kaos Show with Tony, Vicki & Julie
1-6am – Music from the Vault

6-9am – Breakfast with the Hounds and Geoff
9-12midday – The 3E Show with Bob & Vicki

12midday-2pm – The Wave with Marty
2pm-4pm – The Bubble with Ros
4pm-6pm – Y2K Drive Time with Dan Venables

6pm-12midnight – Music from the Vault


TUESDAY  – Streaming

12midnight-2pm – Music from the Vault
2pm-4pm – Vapour Trail with Greg 
4pm-12midnight – Music from the Vault


WEDNESDAY – Streaming

12midnight-2am – Music from the Vault
2am-4am – Anything Goes – replay

4am-6am Saturday Brunch with Jen – replay

6am-4pm – Music from the Vault
4pm-6pm – Raw Radio with Corey
– replay
6pm-8pm – Vapour Trail with Greg
– replay
8pm-11pm – Inky & Pinky – replay

11pm-12midnight – Music from the Vault


 THURSDAY – Streaming

12.30am-10am – Music from the Vault
10am-12midday –  The Indigo Show with Vivian replay
6pm – Music from the Vault
6pm-7.30pm  – The Lost & Found with Richard

7.30pm-12midnight – Music from the Vault

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